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A Time to Be Still; A Time to Move

Listening to the divine rhythm and rhyme in all that is, I hear an invitation to embody inner trust awaiting within every season and tempo of life.

Moving by faith has been on my mind for many years. From the moment I heard a statement that God has a perfect plan that unfolds step by step to help each individual learn to walk by faith, I’ve known that I want to embody and express the journey of inner trust through movement and dance. I am continuously awed by the potency of the physical body to create the most subtle and spiritual transformations of consciousness in swiftly effective and lasting ways. I grew up in a devotional tradition that emphasizes the reality of the self as eternal spirit soul, not the body. Yet the body, by the grace of its Creator, is nonetheless a fascinatingly powerful instrument for awakening the higher self. It can connect with finer and deeper energies, and conduct them from the inside out and the outside in. So, I’ve long been inspired to undergo a personal course of integrating more faith and trust into the way I move through life by literally exploring physical movements that help me feel what moving by faith feels like.

The path of creating and communicating this course, however, hasn’t always been full of movement. In fact, there have been and continue to be extended times of stillness. Here in upstate New York where I live, the season is in a slow phase of transition. Winter hasn’t been very wintery, but it’s not quite Spring yet either. Nature has been in a long lull of limbo, and so have I. This is natural – as the birds, beasts, land, plants, trees, and all demonstrate. Humans are part of nature too, so I may as well harmonize with it.

There are a lot of opportunities to deepen inner trust in times of stillness and transition. Once upon a time, my pattern was to push against the natural flow of energy – to try to push through when it was paused, rather than patiently honor what was true in the moment. The effects of that way of life were neither beneficial for my physical health nor my conscious wellness. Thankfully, God has had a way of gradually working within my heart to show me that it is He who paves a clear path forward through these ebbs and flows of energy.

There is a divine right time and way for all things. When the energy flow is low, not moving the direction or pace I might like, try, or think I should go, it’s because I’m not meant to…at least not yet. Protection and guidance are embedded within the energy and environment.

I’ve been given faith that this is true for all God’s creatures. Going with the flow directs us on the course that is best for our highest good. When it carries us into stillness, it does so with an invitation to trust the Higher hand and plan at work in ways we cannot see yet. It beckons toward trust in oneself as well – trust in the inherent relationship with one’s Source; trust in oneself as so created and emanated from the Supreme Loving Being; trust in that innate connection to equip one to know when or not to move; trust in oneself to rest and replenish; trust in oneself to strive, flourish, and thrive when the time and conditions are conducive. Trust, trust, trust…

I’m trusting it is time now for my intentions for moving by faith to poke through a still layer of quietude. The seeds of contemplation and appreciation have long been planted in me, gathering and stirring. Now today I feel moved to write. Just as the first preludes of Spring are beginning to appear, so are the renewed sensations of movement and expression within me. So here I am, being moved by faith, moved into faith, moved through faith to write, water, and grow this faith within.

As with the movement of all energies, I anticipate the rhythm and pace of this journal will ebb and flow as divinely inspired and guided. If the topic touches your soul to stay tuned and be moved too, please subscribe and share with others who may be moved by faith as well. Thank you and God bless you!

1 Simple Step to Embody Still and Moving Faith

Every post offers an invitation to personally move by faith. A gentle way to tune in to your own tempo and respond with inner trust is to stand barefoot, close your eyes, breathe calmly, pray with an open heart, and simply "listen" to the sensations in your body. God will guide you by giving the impetus to be still or move in a particular way. Trust the gift of this inner compass, and go with what you feel.

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