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Beneath the Moon-rays of Compassion

I love the lotus flower not only for its delicate beauty, but for the many miracles it embodies, and the qualities it represents. One of those many I admire is the lovely lotus’ dance with the sun. It opens, turns, and leans to always face it. Ordinarily, when the sun sets, the lotus folds inward to a bud. But on the full moon night, the lotus remains open to the cool calming rays of the moon’s pure white shine.

At moonrise on this evening in 1486, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took birth in Mayapur, West Bengal. During his 48 years that followed, he spread the chanting of God’s Holy Names as the dharma (religion) for the “age of quarrel”, and the primary means of awakening pure love of God and self-realization. He wrote that the chanting of the Holy Names cleanses the heart and mind of the accumulated dust of material existence which covers the real identity of the eternal spirit soul. Shri Chaitanya compared the sound of God’s name to the rays of a benediction moon that expands the white lotus of good fortune for all. When one hears the sweet transcendental vibration of any one of God’s Holy Names, the lotus of the heart opens, dances, and becomes merged in an ocean of bliss.

What better soundtrack is there then with which to move by faith? In fact, Shri Chaitanya defined faith as being the firm conviction that by this one thing – devotional service to God or God’s name – all other things are accomplished. God and God’s name are non-different. “Hallowed be Thy name.” All of God’s energies and potencies are infused in God’s name. So, when you or I hear or chant the name of God, God is fully present with you and me.

How compassionate to be so readily present and reciprocal! Thus, I consider this to be the full moon of compassion and divine love rising tonight – rising with the pure spiritual sound of God’s name, to soothe the soul. It is a cause for celebration, and a beautiful melody of life to move and dance with.

Hearing and chanting are ways I listen for God’s very personal and divine direction every day, and then strive to move by faith accordingly. God is one but has many names in different languages and traditions, according to God’s various qualities and relationships. Christ – the Anointed One; Krishna – the All-Attractive; Allah – the Almighty…. to name a few.

I personally experience deep peace, connection, and grace while chanting the maha-mantra, “the great chant for deliverance”.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

Hare is a call to the Divine Feminine pleasure-giving potency of God, as a prayer from the soul to “please engage me in loving service.” Rama refers to God as the reservoir of bliss. And again, Krishna means All-Attractive, and is the Sanskrit equivalent of the Greek word Christos.

We are living in times that many people feel growing unbearably dark. But like the lotus blooming in the moonlight, our hearts too can still blossom with faith in the light emanating from the graceful moon-like rays of God’s name.

Chant, Dance, and Be Happy!

I invite you to open your heart, sing, dance, and celebrate in the sound of whichever name of God attracts you. Let your worries go and your mind be at ease, trusting that this one simple, joyful act, can move more goodness and grace through your heart, soul, and life than imaginable, or measurable! Here's a song to spark that spirit moving...

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