Day 1

Step 1


Stepping Into Sacred Space

I begin every morning on my deck, where I view out over a stream flowing from a waterfall before me. This past winter, I discovered a new appreciation for the bareness of the season that allowed me to see what I normally cannot. For nearly six months, I had clear vision of the running water. I saw when the waterfall froze and thawed to varying degrees. I felt inspired seeing the ripples and rolls of the babbling brook wind around rocks in its midst, showing me the way to keep going in the face of obstacles. I experienced awe and invigoration witnessing the reflection of sunlight sparkle on the water. I observed deer walking across it, and a great blue heron poised in it. I could see it all, and I feasted my eyes on it every morning. It nourished my soul with the sights and sounds of the Creator’s creation and the messages He personally carried to me in it, as I needed to see, hear, feel, and bear in mind that day. Each day.

But today I stood out there and saw something else. About a month ago, I watched the pure white snow surrounding the banks of the stream disappear, and then the little wisps and dots of green buds on the bushes and trees ever so gradually emerge. Today, the wooded area between me and the waterfall is so thick and lush I can no longer see the stream, and I can only catch a faint glimpse of the waterfall through the trees. I can hear it roaring and flowing. I know it’s there, layered beneath the greenery that covers my vision. I can feel its power, its energy, its incessant existence, with the peace and inspiration it brings me. But I cannot see it at this time.

As I noticed that and paid attention to it this morning, I knew in the core of my heart that was the lesson of faith being delivered to me today: Implicit trust in that which lies beneath the surface of my vision. It’s not necessary to see it to have confidence and knowledge it’s there. I can hear it, sense it, feel it, observe symptoms of its presence. I can also recall times the One I call God has drawn the curtain back, unveiling more that’s there. Seasons come and seasons go, concealing and revealing diversity of reality, subtlety, and beauty. It’s all there, always. I need only keep the eyes of my heart open to recognize it.

My deck invites me through a sanctified portal every morning. It’s where I consciously step into the presence of the Highest Being and Source of all that is. The multi-layered dimensions of spiritual reality envelop my senses and awareness in that atmosphere of nature. I feel it too when I travel into my heart, that sacred place where the soul – me, my truest eternal self – lives with the Supreme Soul, the Holy Spirit, who accompanies me as my nearest and dearest Friend and Guide wherever I am, wherever I go.

So today, I invite you to join me, as we each begin our course of moving by faith with a step into the sacred space within our hearts, where we already live as pure spirit soul, full of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

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