Hi. I am Gigi, the author of Moving by Faith, and the owner of White Lotus Grace.

I am a lifelong dancer, devotee, and naturally intuitive empathic healer. For nearly 35 years, my life has been immersed in devotional service, spiritual study, assimilation, and teaching experience.

Upon the foundation of a Christian upbringing, I spent 7 years living a monastic way of life in a temple of Krishna (the Sanskrit variation of the Greek word Christos, and a name for God meaning the All-Attractive). From the roots of both traditions, I've grown appreciation for the essence of pure love of God nourished by various expressions of faith throughout the world. 

Through dancing, writing, chanting, meditating, healing, and connecting heart to heart, the inspiration and grace I receive flows forth as a natural expression of enthusiasm, joy, and gratitude. My aspiration in expressing it is to celebrate the Loving Source from whom and which it comes, and to share the encouragement, comfort, and support derived therein.

When I refer to God, I do so with respect for the individual way in which you connect with a sense of the Supreme. My own encounter with God is very personal, as my nearest dearest friend and guide in my heart. I feel God's presence surrounding me in nature and all pervasive energy, as well. I also sense the Divine Being from whom it all emanates, and find my understanding of these features fortified through the lens of scriptures that I've studied. 


I write of this relationship in the language that authentically pours through and from my heart, and I welcome you to apply it in the context that best resonates with your own cultivation of faith and inner trust.



The Course

The course of moving by faith in life is a personal one. There are as many ways as there are individuals, moments, and experiences. What I am sharing here is just one – probably one of many for me in this lifetime. I am undertaking this one as I write it, day by day, step by step, moving by faith through the very composition of it. Every morning I pray for the guidance how to move in faith now. My prayer is to receive the inspiration of the current step on this journey for both you and I to take heart, hope, and help from. I share my personal experience, then highlight the universally applicable principles I’ve understood from it so you can connect your journey of faith with it in your own personal way. Last but not at all least, I offer a movement, meditation, or healing dance practice to embody the step of faith of the day.

White Lotus Grace
White Lotus Grace

White Lotus Grace is a sanctuary for every body, mind, and soul to heal.

It is where I offer a unique variety of intuitive nurturing, healing dance, guided movement, and meditation

classes, courses, and private sessions. Services are available remotely by phone and video call,

and in person at the Millbrook, New York location of White Lotus Grace.

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White Lotus Grace
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